Let’s Roll.

Async, simple, fast: pick three! Roll is a pico framework with performances and aesthetic in mind.


  • async everywhere
  • routing through autoroutes
  • cookies handling through biscuits
  • multipart parsing through multifruits
  • extensible system through events
  • decent HTTP errors
  • websockets
  • easy to test

Will NOT contain

  • a templating system
  • a lot of extensions (share yours!)

Please provide us any feedback as an early reader! If you are curious about the code, it is hosted on Github and you should be able to read it within the next half-hour.



How-to guides

  • basic: all the basic stuff you'll certainly use
  • developing: snippets to make developing with Roll more fun
  • advanced: more advanced guides



The documentation structure is based on that excellent article from Divio.